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Adepeju Dawodu strives to take Gospel music lovers on a journey where they haven’t gone before. “With All My Heart,” her inspirational and prophetic album released on August 14th 2021, invites listeners to hear contemporary praise and worship music in English, including singing in the spirit. Each song woven around answers to the album theme; “What does The Lord want us to do with all our heart?” inspires us to turn our hearts to The Lord instead of focusing on life’s challenges so as to receive answers and grace to love like God loves.

“I am a psalmist, a prophetic voice to the nations,” says Ade (AH-day), as she is often called.
“Through melodies cloaked in words of life and faith, listener’s are invited to focus on The Lord and to live as victors in Christ.”

In the song titled; I love The Lord, Ade boldly declares that loving The Lord is the first and most important commandment. Trust in the Lord infuses strength by reminding listeners that a heart fixed only on The Lord, gives hope and peace in a time of distress. Good Treasure an upbeat, high tempo song shows Ade’s adaptability as she transitions to a funky pop – rock beat while still presenting truth about what should be found in a good man’s heart. What is man? Draws inspiration from the Psalms to answer the age-old question; who am I?

Ade grew up in what can be termed a ‘social’ Christian household; attending church mainly at holiday times. However, all that changed when in her first year in college she and her whole family got gloriously saved. Her father, an Engineer, (before he went home to be with the Lord) was also a Pastor in Guiding Light Assembly, Lagos, Nigeria and her mother (before she went home to be with the Lord) was a lawyer. Their dramatic life change testified to the power of God to transform a soul.

As a praise and worship song leader, she found that God called her to inspire others to worship Him. She began receiving songs by inspiration of Holy Spirit and over time, compiled the music that has resulted in her debut album M.I.H. which stands for “Made in Heaven,” released in September 2012. She knows the true meaning of her song titled; Don’t You Ever Give Up. Other songs show her versatility; Omo Kiniun Eya Judah (Son of the Lion of the tribe of Judah) infuses English lyrics with a Yoruba chorus; I’m Available shows her gifting as a jazz balladeer; and Only You (Sonso Gi) highlights high praises with traditional Igbo drumbeats and harmon mute trumpet.

As an adult, Ade and her husband, Immanuel, desired to move to the United States. Their plans were delayed on several occasions and, at one point it seemed that they would never be granted permission for the move. They held on to faith, however, and miraculously received their visas. Just as her arrival to the United States proved to be a faith journey, the same is true of her music.

Ade maintains strong relations with her native Nigeria and with friends and family living in various parts of the world. Through her unique combinations of originally-composed lyrics, she gives worship music a universal feel that she relates to in her own life. Her music breaks down the language barrier, inspiring believers through the spirit of each song, no matter their native tongue. Her music acknowledges that God is not limited by geography and neither is the sound of His worship.

“My songs are music birthed from within my heart,” says Ade.

“When passion is mixed with creativity and excellence, you deliver a genuine celebration of life. Music is a language through which you can connect your heart to The Father’s heart. This heart-to-heart connection is what God is looking for in true worshippers.”

Ade has been a background vocalist for notable African artists, as well as a praise and worship leader and soloist in various fellowships and churches in the United States.

“Life is an adventure to be unwrapped at different phases,” she says.

“I’m excited to step into this new phase of life and ministry. I know it is filled with great wonders and opportunities to be a blessing to people all over the world. I’m so grateful to the Lord and give Him all the glory.”

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